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Nett-Tell LLC Delivers the Technology of VOIP

March 28, 2016
Nett-Tell LLC is in the business of providing consumers with Voice Over IP for home or business phone. VOIP is a method of phone service that taps into the internet that you already use. By connecting a small device called the Linksys PAP2 to your broadband internet router you can make phone calls without any extra charge. This company called Nett-Tell LLC delivers this product with a 30 day free trial. Should you decide it isn't for you, you can cancel with no money owed. This product does come with extra features that make the product even more enjoyable. You can use the features like the “do not disturb” option if you don't want to hear ringing but still want your callers to have the option of leaving a message. You can use caller ID to see who is calling, call waiting so you don’t give a busy signal, call forwarding if you leave the house so you can reroute the calls to your cell. You can block your own ID to your outgoing calls, leave a nice music for the callers on hold to hear, or use conference calling during a business meeting. Nett-Tell LLC allows you to use all these during your free trial and helps you to set up your account. Your account comes with your own internet portal where you can manage your voicemails and see your call log.